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At its core CRT is the false idea that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and that all of our nation’s institutions, - the law, culture, business, economy, education - are designed to maintain white supremacy 

It is Divisive

Divides people into two groups Oppressors or Victims

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How to Survive Public/Private Schools in the Current Critical Race Theory World

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Why is it Important to Know about Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

President Biden Set to Push Critical Race Theory on U.S. Schools through grant programs to schools. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said, “Teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.”

What is CRT?

CRT is a theory or view of humanity heavily influenced by divisive, hate promoters as Marx, Lenin, Gramsci, Schmitt, Marcuse, Foucault and Freire. In CRT, race struggle​ replaces ​Marx’s class conflict​ with race conflict for causing violent revolution. The goal is the same—to destroy Western Civilization and impose a top-down authoritarian, centralized government. CRT was developed from Critical Theory and Critical Legal Theory in the 1990s by Harvard law professor Derrick Bell and others.

CRT’s main ideological dogmas:

  • CRT is designed to divide and conquer. It is predicated on racial divisions and a social dichotomy of victim v oppressor. All Blacks are oppressed and all Whites are oppressors. If you are White and won't admit you are racist, you are racist by implicit bias. To reduce implicit bias, you must self-criticize, confess to privilege, and apologize to the oppressed race. 

  • Persons are not individuals having unique identities. A person is only a representative unit of a group – such as race​.​ Other oppressed group are categorized by sexual identity, disability, religion, socioeconomic level. Identification with more than one oppressed group is called intersectionality.

  • CRT’s Social​ Justice construct assumes racism is the cause of social injustice and does not need to be proven. People who are White are inherently racist at birth. For CRT proponents, Only Social Justice matters; Biblical or Western Civilization’s “innocent until proven guilty” does not. Social Justice is about treating people differently to get equal ​outcomes​.

  • All unequal outcomes – ​inequity​ for short – are attributed to race and are the responsibility of the ​oppressor group (Whites)​. [NOTE: That’s why Common Core was imposed on the U.S., to eliminate unequal outcomes in education.]

  • “Whiteness”​ is belief in, among others: ​achievement​, ​delayed gratification​, ​progress​, schedules​ and ​deadlines​, the nuclear family, Christianity, ​meritocracy​, ​race-blindness​, the ​written word​, ​facts​ and ​objectivity (they deny​ lived experience​), ​logic​ and ​reason ​(they deny​ empathy​), ​mathematics​ and science ​(until they are ​de-colonized ​and ​humanized​).​

  • CRT suppresses dissent with cancel culture: publications withdrawn, college admissions rescinded, online presence wiped out, business relationships ended, jobs terminated.​

  • CRT seeks to make some children feel guilt and anguish — not because of anything they have done, but solely based on the color of their skin.

  • CRT fundamentally violates Biblical values; the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—which guarantees equal protection of the laws; Title VI/VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act; and anti-discrimination laws.

Here are some words, phrases, and ideas you can look for to identify CRT:

  • Racial justice is a journey and the work will never be finished.

  • We must disrupt the current policies and practices.

  • Everyone must act, no one can opt out.

  • Racism is our country’s original sin.

  • Saying “All Lives Matter” is racist.

  • “Whiteness” as a term describing traditional characteristics of success, i.e., hard work, punctuality, correct math answers.

  • White fragility to describe why white people can’t talk about racism.

Who’s For, Who’s Against

Today, the best-paid promoters of CRT are probably Robin DeAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. 

Notable CRT opponents include James Lindsay, Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Chris Rufo, Thomas Sowell, Bob Woodson, and Carol Swain.

Trump issued an executive order to ban CRT indoctrination at the Federal level. Biden rescinded that order upon taking office.

Parents Must Fight Back!

Recognize CRT through its fraudulent packaging, call it out, resist. Don’t trust schools and teachers blindly. 

Watch for CRT in schools, talk to each other, organize. Millions of parents have fled government schools (e.g., public, charter) over the last year for homeschooling and private schools.

Speak with their kids to ​de-program​ them at home. This needs to start with young children in the early childhood, because CRT indoctrination starts in the pre-school grades. 

Parents and others have filed CRT lawsuits, relating to freedom of speech, compelled speech, and hostile work environment. Keep abreast of these cases and seek counsel when appropriate.

Our best hopes now rest with the states. Several states have passed laws or filed legislation to ban CRT indoctrination, including Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, and MO (HB 952, Rep. Brian Seitz – District 156, Taney County, Branson).

For More Information

Visit Christopher Rufo’s P.A.C.T. webpage for parents. See black buttons on bottom of page.


Critical Race Theory: Text
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"Critical Race Theory: A Community Conversation."

Critical Race Theory: Welcome


The premise of this resolution and council bill dated 3/2/21 is that Springfield is systemically racist.  Are our leaders using the logic of the Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Ellison? In an interview with “60 Minutes” AG Ellison stated there was no evidence that race was a factor in George Floyd’s death, so AG Ellison stated systemic racism, not individual motivation was at work when the police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than 9 m minutes.  The question to our City leaders is, Where is the evidence our community is inherently racist?  Which institutions are inherently treating black peoples unfairly?  What policies or practices are present in these institutions that unfairly treat black people?  How does a community that is systemically racist assemble a panel of diverse successful, and well respected community members?  

To read Resolution 10510, the Mayor's Initiative on Equity and Equality, and the explanation to

Council Bill 2021-052, download the PFD here:

Critical Race Theory: About
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