Thank you for your interest in Back on Track America. We are happy to add you to our email list. See the list below for volunteer opportunities.  Please respond to let us know your areas of interest. Also, please know we have people to help if you have interest but don't feel quite ready or qualified.



  1. Speaking at School Board meetings

  2. Helping to review and recommend school curriculum 

  3. Tracking with National and State Legislators and bills, helping to get them passed or defeated

  4. Speaking before State Legislative Committees

  5. Looking for and speaking to different organizations to educate and find new people who want to help 

  6. Back on Track partners with other likeminded groups to accomplish our goals. Let us know if you have connections to other groups

  7. Helping to engage pastors, church leaders and the church so they are aware of what’s going on

  8. Serving on the Prayer Team

  9. Tracking with the City Council, speaking and keeping us aware of what’s going on there.

  10. Helping to start and to form a group here, TakeChargeMO, partnering with Kendall Quall's group to help restore families and two parent homes

  11. Applying to serve on local boards in your area

  12. Serving on the Library Team

  13. Helping to raise funds by listening while having conversations and being aware of those in your sphere who might be likeminded and willing to donate and letting us know; And/or by contacting those who might be willing to donate

  14. If you are able to donate any amount, thank you!  Click the Donate button below to take you to our donation page